Dish Anywhere doesn't work with Chrome (workaround)

My folks recently upgraded to the Hopper from Dish Network.  Among its great features is the integration with their "newly" acquired Slingbox technology in a service they call Dish Anywhere.  When it works, Dish Anywhere is a terrific way to watch live TV and your recorded shows online.  And you can watch them from anywhere that you have an fast enough internet connection.

To use Dish Anywhere you must first install a browser extension that enables the sling player.  Normally after this minor annoyance, you are up and watching tv almost immediately. Unfortunately however, Google recently pushed an update to Chrome that blocks the installation of the Dish Anywhere extension.  No error message is raised and the user is left to assume that installation was fine, but instead you are again asked to install the extension when you return to Dish Anywhere. Further inspection in the Extensions screen shows no sign of the plugin anywhere.

Dish provides a workaround that involves saving the extension and manually installing it, but recent security updates to Chrome also disable this workaround.

While I haven't yet figured out a way to use Dish Anywhere in Chrome, I have figured out a solution that doesn't require resorting to Internet Explorer or Firefox. 

I discovered a cool new browser called CoolNovo which is compatible with Chrome extensions and works perfectly with Dish Anywhere.  It's based on the Chromium project, so while this browser is not technically Chrome, it's based on the same code as Chrome and is almost identical in every important way.

So if you are having trouble getting Dish Anywhere to work in Chrome, give CoolNovo a try.

Now if I could just figure out how to get it to work with my Chromecast...